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Mi4Mi is a project to support people who have recently moved to Germany and are trying to break into the job market. We count on the experience of international companies with migrant employees, advisors and their descendants who have been in similar situations trying to find a job on the German labour market. We believe that they are more sensitive and understanding of the needs and culture of jobseekers in Germany. Their support and advice can be of great benefit to foreign newcomers who need advice or a contact person to gain entry into the working world.

„From Migrants for Migrants – Mi4Mi“

Mi4Mi offers a network of migrant and non-migrant employers from Hamburg and the surroun- ding areas: primary volunteer workers who try and enable migrants to gain entry into the world of work. The focus is on young refugees who have prospects of permanent residence in Germany.

We train our advisors regularly in different areas

• Letters and documents of application
• Sensitive handling and respect for different cultures
• Consideration and help with flight and migration papers • Labour market dimensions
• The legal basis

Our aims are to help and support people who have had to flee from their own country:

• support in finding work, a training place and internship
• support incomers to integrate into society through their job
• encouraging them to learn the German language and use it at work • serve as a role model and lead the way

Our project is particularly aimed at the migrants in the area Bergedorf.
We offer weekly office hours in “HausBrügge” in Leuschnerstraße by appointment.
We hold information evenings regularly and present any available job offers. We provide tips and methods on ways of presenting oneself on the job market. Further, we motivate and encourage people to find suitable and appropriate work from a wide job spectrum.
Professional co-ordinators and social workers support the Mi4Mi project. We also receive support from other organisations such as Bergedorfer für Völkerverständigung, W.I.R, AINA e.V., MIB Miteinander in Bergedorf and Sprungbrett e.V..